Single lash extensions
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  /  Flat lash W
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30% OFF for returning within 3 weeks and 10% OFF for returning within 4 weeks.
*Some menu are not on discount.

Single lash extensions

Flat lash extensions

Single lash extensions and Flat lash extensions are same price.

Natural Style

80 lashes(40×40)

12,000yen→9,600yen 20% discount for new visitor

The most popular

120 lashes(60×60)

15,000yen→12,000yen 20% discount for new visitor


160 lashes(80×80)

20,000yen→16,000yen 20% discount for new visitor

Infill 1 lash
As much as you want
¥ 148

Flat lash W

¥ 209/1 extension –

Parisienne Lash lift

*Available Upper lashes only

願いが叶う、次世代印象まつ毛パーマ パリジェンヌラッシュリフト

“Parisienne Lash lift” raising your eyelashes from the bottom with cosmetic ingredients and unique method made for it.

*This menu with Keratin treatment coating.

*Attaching eyelash extensions after this menu is available. Please refer the above for extensions price.




Cortex Treatment
To make your natural eyelash more healthy, strongly and elasticity.
¥ 1,760

Cortex is an elactic layer in the natural eyelashes. To make them keep the proper direction.


Removal (attached in another salon)
Even you attached extensions in another salon, we will remove them pleasantly.
¥ 1,650


Eyelash shampoo
Banish impurities located at the eyelash roots that difficult to remove by yourself
¥ 1,320

Eyelash Designer

¥ 330