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Eyelash extensions by Plurecil - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wenzhou - Q&A

Before coming to the salon

Can I book an appointment on the Internet?
All branches are telephone booking only.
How many days before can I book?
You can book from 2 months before.
Can I smoke in the salon?
We ask that customers do not smoke as our salons are completely non-smoking.
I want extensions for a special occasion. How many days before should I have them done?
If it is your first time, we recommend two weeks before the special day.
Can I come wearing make-up?
If you are wearing mascara, you will need to remove it before having your extensions. Please use the powder room in the salon.
Can I have extensions if I’m wearing contact lenses?
Yes, you can. Your eyes will be closed for 1 to 1.5 hours, so if you’re worried about your eyes drying we recommend you take your lenses out. Please ask the staff for contact lens solution.
I still have another salon’s extensions attached – what should I do?
We can work on and add to another salon’s extensions, but we recommend you have reset cleaning.
I don’t want the extensions to look unnatural like false eyelashes.
We attach each extension one by one to each eyelash so it looks really natural. You can choose the length and thickness so you can enjoy a design just like your own eyelashes.
Is there an age limit?
Minors need the consent of their parents, but there are no other age limits.
Can you attach extensions to eyelashes that curl down?
Yes. If we attach a strong curl, your eyelashes will curl upwards. We can’t however attach extensions to inverted eyelashes.
I don’t have many eyelashes.
We can’t attach extensions if there are no lashes at all, but we can if you have fine or short hairs. You probably have more lashes than you think and we can usually attach a total of 100 lashes for both eyes.
Can I cancel?
Yes. Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to change the time or date.

Application of extensions

Where do you attach the extensions?
We attach the extensions 1.5mm from the base of your eyelashes. One extension is attached to each eyelash.
How long does it take?
The application takes about 1-1.5 hours, but you will have counseling the first time you come to our salon so please allow plenty of time for your visit.
How long do they last?
About 3 weeks to 1 month. They will fall off as each of your own lashes falls out at the end of its cycle.
This is my first time. How many lashes should I have?
We recommend 80 lashes for a natural look, 120 lashes to create an eyeline and look as if you have extensions, and 160 lashes to look thick and dark as if you are wearing mascara.
Will I lose some of my own lashes?
Pro Care eyelash stylists are highly skilled so there is no damage to your own eyelashes. If you have lashes damaged by curlers, you may find they actually get healthier.
Will they tingle or hurt?
The extensions are attached 1.5mm from the base of your eyelashes, so glue or remover will not get in your eyes and it won’t tingle or hurt. However, the glue is very caustic and will hurt if you open your eyes before it has dried, so please keep your eyes closed until the extensions have been finished.
When I had extensions done at another salon they hurt.
The reason extensions hurt can either be because they are not correctly attached or they are too close to your eyelid. The method at our salon is to attach the extensions 1.5mm from the base of your eyelashes so they won’t hurt.
Can you add on extensions?
Yes, we can. However, even if we add on extensions, you should have reset cleaning at least once every 2 months. By completely removing the original glue, it decreases the risk of damage to your own eyelashes.
My eyelashes are permed. Can I have extensions?
Eyelash perming effects the cuticle and flexibility of your eyelashes, so your eyelashes are not in best condition. We don’t recommend extensions for permed eyelashes. Please wait at least 1 month after you have had your eyelashes permed to have extensions.
Can you attach lower lash extensions?
Yes. Even with a few bottom lashes (15 on each eye) you can get a voluminous look and enjoy an image change.

After getting your extensions

Will the extensions touch my glasses?
If you bring the glasses you usually wear we can select an extension length that won’t touch your glasses.
Can I use the pool or sauna?
Yes, that’s fine. However, suntan cream and oil can cause your extensions to fall off more quickly, so please don’t put those lotions on your extensions.
I do sports and sweat. Will my extensions fall off quickly?
If you sweat a lot before the glue has dried, the oil from your skin may cause your extensions to fall off more quickly. Please avoid any activities that may make you sweat the day you have your extensions.
Can I have a steam facial or oil massage?
Steam is fine after the glue has dried. Massage oil may cause your extensions to fall off more quickly.
Can I put mascara on after getting extensions?
There is special eyelash extension mascara. We don’t recommend normal mascara as it has oil in, and waterproof mascara means you have to rub your eyes when cleansing which can cause your extensions to fall off more quickly.
Can I use curlers after getting extensions?
You can’t use the pincer-type curlers. Extensions have a set shape so you don’t need to use curlers, but if you want to raise the base of your eyelashes, you can use stroke-type hot curlers.
Can I use an oil cleanser to remove make-up?
Extensions are weak to oil, so if you use an oil cleanser they will fall off more quickly. We sell special oil-free cleansers so please ask our staff.
Can I put make-up on straight after getting extensions?
Yes. However the glue won’t have dried completely, so please don’t use mascara.
Is there anything I should be careful of after getting extensions?
Please be especially careful not to get your lashes wet for 3-4 hours after you have extensions done. Our staff will explain about daily face washing and tips on how to make your extensions last longer before you leave.
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